My Nu Life!

Hey nyall I know its been a hot minute since I've last updated this site, nyall already know how it is. Im a busy person!! I had a nice lil vacation and now I'm going to be a surgical technologist which is really sick and twisted. My life has changed in so many ways in the best ways possible. I'm completely independent now and everything seems to be on track. I've made life-long friends and I know theres lots in store in my life

Perhaps I shared this before but when I first made this site 5 years ago I was going through a really difficult time in my life. I was a dumb teen entering new places and I hated all these changes. I was already a quiet person and I felt isolated. Making my neocity helped me express myself in a way that I felt I couldn't in my real life. Sure this site is pretty silly and goofy and clownish but it served an important purpose during the shittier phase of my life. I feel now that I've grown from all that I've put distance in neocities. It may be a bit sad but I think its ok to stop doing things, let em go in a healthy way.

I'll never say that OOOoo this website is done forever. I might write a page here and there when I get my bursts of energy. Right now I only remembered neocities cuz I was so very very bored. I'm trapped in the Las Vegas Hellhole (don't worry I'm not) and I don't have much to do besides my medical training. Usually I get home and eat a spicy soup and microwave burrito and then call my loved ones or just play league. kek. (2022.09.25)
My guts are talking I need to GO