Hehehe just a lil page that might tantalize nyall. I need to be ordered and motivated and shoving these out here will help me out. BTW I had to make a whole ass table just to show this violent twerp

  • Rewrite/edit more pages, particliarily the HAWT section (f*ck anime)
  • x/Creepy section

  • Curses- add "the 3 images" in the process of searching for them because they were in jpnese
  • Revize Tulpa page
  • Add freaky creatures and plants page (seperate)
  • Media section (films, juegos, novels, creepypasta review)
  • XTRA

  • flower page- more flowers hahaha
  • Add darks souls 3 page (in process),
  • Add pics to minecraft
  • Moshimonsters revisit/goodbye
  • F*ckin finish the flash section and add better games
  • Cuphead page, Best Roblox games, FNAF- it had impact ok?!
  • HAWT

  • Tropes page
  • Delete and explain things better (all)
  • General anime page
  • Stuff

  • Sozai button collection
  • Normal web diving adventures
  • *button maker

Damn I overwhelm myself so I gotta start with revisions and then the FUN(er) things.