If you've read the Manhwa page then you should already know how it is >:3. You better read it if you don't know how it is. For this page I'll be talkin about the American ones and give my onion on them. I forgot to mention that I read Sweethome in that page but I don't feel like reviewing it. It was alright and thats all.

Let's Play

You might've seen the commercial for it on Youtube because for some reason this story is one of the most popular ones out there. It's about this nerdy programmer girl who makes her first vidya game and her favorite youtuber reviews it and makes an absolute fool of her work. All his fans swarm in and give the game a 1 star review which ruins everything for her. Then he moves next door to her and drama ensues. I read the first season and decided that this story ain't for me.

Most of the time there are guys flocking towards Sam who is the main girl. I find it strange how the story makes it seem like she'll end up with the youtuber when he already has a loving girlfriend. Then there's her Swedish boss or maybe he was a blonde European I won't look into it. Her boss just gives me bad vibes and I don't think they should get together, it'll be a mess I tell you!! She needs to find a nice guy her own age who she could experiment with.

Now the things that I mentioned above weren't really an issue for me. They were just things that I could overlook. The thing that hit me on the head was Juan, a character she introduced in the last few chapters. I like seeing latino characters and I'm not the type to nitpick but I can't deny that I was cringing the whole time I read his dialogue. The random spanish words, the mention of tacos, the name, and the obvious "Latin Lover" shit he was pulling. When you combine all these traits it's a whole shit filled taco. I can tell that the author just read up a quick guide or didn't even research anything at all. Why even bother making a character Latino when he's going to be a stereotype? I can see that she wants to add random bits of representation but what I saw disgusted me to the core.

If you make a Latin character there's no problem if they speak random Spanish words cause thats what we do sometimes lol. There's no issue if you use the name Juan or if they like tacos. I'm just mad because they combined all those things to feel woke or something, to be so lazy. Sorry for that rant but thats how I feel, it was too cringe. If nyall ever want to make a character that's not your race/ethnicity I would suggest doing a lil more research to not be so stereotypical or add a lil more depth.

Lore Olympus

Now Lore Olympus is something that I'm still reading because I am curious about how things will end up. It's supposed to be a modernized tale of Hades and Persephone. I'm a Greek mythology nut so I started reading right away.

I am aware of a lot of issues in this story. The art is inconsistent within a chapter and lazy too sometimes. Sometimes I see Daphne with her breasts almost out and in the next panel it is covered up! Like I'm talking about shirt collar differences in the same chapter!! Most of the female characters and heck even some males look the same except with different colors. Also there was no reason to make Persephone 19 years old and Hades the canon age he's supposed to be (thousands of years). It was so random to me like what does it cost to give her a few hundred years? The author has some kind of complex lolol. There are lots of shots were Persephone looks so small and dainty and half nude compared to the middle aged Hades. I know what the author intends with these things. The worst thing that most people hate about the story is the use of rape to move the plot. There are youtube videos out there that can explain it better than I could so go on the Google.

Lore Olympus is not the best thing I've read but also not the worst. I wouldn't recommend it to anybody. Just read the old legends.