Cooking with Chef Mia

Back in the day I was the type of girl that thought "No! I don't have to know how to cook just because society expects me to". I tried to give it a deep reason but it was mostly because I was lazy. When the pandemic started I ended up having lots of time at home and my first recipe was the Dalgona Coffee. It was way too easy and I made enough for my family and I remember the joy that came from it. I liked making things and I liked feeding people. After that I ended up learning a lot of recipes online and picking up things from my Mom.

I truly enjoy cooking and I understand how its like not knowing. It is a pain having to make food when your hungry and then cleaning up after yourself, but nyall shouldn't let those things ruin cooking. Cooking is about deliciousness and most importantly FEEDING yourself!! Both men and women should know how to cook because its an important life skill durr.

There are some nice recipes below, some are Mexican and they are easy to make!

I have an airfryer so some of these recipes utilyze that and you might have to use the frying pan or oven. I messed up a lot of times when I first started cooking and its ok, don't let it stop you forever. Sometimes its good to make huge mistakes because then you'll never do them again. Practice makes perfect >:3.

Twisted Recipes
Deliquent EnchiladasSimple tortilla rolls with chicken inside. See Salsa Verde
Lunatic Lasagna/ Legionary RollsYour typical delicious lasagna and an easy variation
Classy White PastaMy own recipe with the guest star Butternut Squash
Normal SpaghettiA good beginners meal
Breaded ChickenGoes best with Mashed Potatos
Teriyaki ChickenGoes best with White Rice
Fried ChickenGood n tasty
Sweet SalmonBaked salmon with a special sauce
Tuna Ballsnot a popular recipe but you might like it
Potato TacoSimple meal :3
Homely Tortilla SoupChicken broth with pieces of tortilla
Not Spicy PoppersJalapeno poppers that can be enjoyed by all
Salsa Verdemy exclusive homemade green sauce
White RiceOwO
Mashed PotatoGobble Gobble